Do you accept insurances?

Yes, we are in network with various insurance companies. Please contact us for our most updated list.

Will my insurance cover ABA services?

All plans are different. We offer insurance verification to inquire if ABA is covered under your plan.

If ABA is covered under my plan, will I have any fees?

All plans are different, but usually families have a deductible, copayment and/or coinsurance. This is determined by your individual plan.

Will I get a copy of my child’s treatment plan?

Yes, parents/caregivers are provided a copy of their child’s treatment plan. All plans are written to include goals that reflect the age and ability level of your child. The instruction plan breaks down skills into small, concrete steps. The goals can be adjusted as needed as a result of conservations between family members and program staff.

How often will I receive a treatment update?

Families are debriefed after every session. Your child’s behavioral therapist will inform you on how your child is progressing towards goals, new and mastered programs and general behavior. You will receive an updated report every 6 months, which will also include your child’s progress.

What skills do you work on?

We work on a variety of skills such as:

  • Language
  • Communication
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Play and Social Skills
  • Adaptive Skills
  • Toilet Training
  • Behavior
  • School Readiness/Pre-academic Skills
  • Attending and Social Referencing